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Friday, August 14, 2009

the amateur cleanse

I'm pretty dissatisfied with my tummy at the moment. It's finally sort of hopped off the fence of inbetween pot belly and non pot belly into full-on-yes-you-have-a-pot-belly-no-denying-it-anymore.

the 3 frijj milkshakes per day and chicken and rice dinner lunch and breakfasts haven't helped. nor have day long munchies.

the master cleanse.
i cant stick out not eating for like 10 days, thats like anorexia detail.
so i'm going to try a 2 day thing. tomorrow i'm at work all day, so that's should be easy. it's the evenings i'm worried about. lord i can binge like no other.

wish me luck.
for 2 days i will be on total detox mode.

/ dying of malnutrition.