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Sunday, July 19, 2009

the 5 coolest umbrellas.. ever.

It's sort of sad that in my bedridden state all I can do is google "chill umbrella".
But hey, it makes for a pretty darn dandy blog post, amiriteamirite?

And anyway, seeing as we're having the FAKEST SUMMER EVER here in london, it seems quite appropriate.

At number 5, it's the UNbrella.
It's just a stick, with funny umbrella bits coming out of it, but you can attach ANYTHING to it! how neat. Although tbh, I'd prefer just a normal umbrella. Although people might see you with the londonpaper as a proper umbrella and be like WOWOMG. and that'd be pretty neat.

At number 4 It's the LightSaber Umbrella.

Someone watched Bladerunner and was all like, LOL it's not the 80's nomore, we actually do have the technology to make that shiatsu. So they went right on ahead and made the Glowy umbrella.

Number 3: The Watergun Umbrella.

Wow. Just Wow.
The rainfall fills up your watergun, so you're never out of ammo. But then again, who's mean enough to squirt someone with water when it's raining so much you have enough water for this umbrella to even work?

Actually, come to think of it, a lot of people are.

Numero duo? 2. The Rareimmenseandutterlycool Umbrella
My spanish isn't good. But anyway, at number 2, its the fudging mad umbrella spotted once in Tokyo. Literally, this is like a rarely spotted umbrella. Seen once, and then never blogged about again..
But its actually so awesome.

At number 1, it's possibly the least functioning umbrella of them all. The CloudBrella

This umbrella clearly does nothing. I reckon it makes the rain laugh at you so much you get more rained on. But at least you look goddarn coool whilst using your useless umbrella.
It's inflatable... That's how you put it up. So when you get caught in a sudden flash rainstorm, and everyone around you instantly pops up their umbrellas, you get to spend 5 minutes pumping this baby up to give yourself some unsatisfactory coverage.
But then again, every cloud has a silver lining... HAHAHAHAomgi'msofunnysometimes.