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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

chenman mannymann mannnnnnn

yummylicious, just found this supre photographer lady 'chenman'. her stuff is most fantastical, but i'm notsohot on her whack illustrations that go along with each shot.. i more like the grungy shiatsu she's got going on... all symmetrical and geometrical and fffcantthinkofanothermetrical.

i really want to make a racist joke.. chen..chon..chenaman?

oh lord that was bad. arrest me now. but seriously. the work is good. the linkeezy is www.chenmaner.com supre i'm sure.

anyways this blog is a nice distraction from all the coursework i've got cottonwoolling my life up at the moment... it's all due in on monday but for some reason i'm not doing it now.. flail i believe is the word.

well i'm off for about 10 minutes, then i'll return and post some more shiatsu about useless stuff that will ONLYDISTRACTYOUFORAMOMENT.